AppConsent CMP
Notes de versions

V28.5.0 - Sortie 18/08/2021

Liste des bugs résolus et des fonctionnalités deployées :
    AP-1457 New CMP methods are added: checkForUpdate, presentNotice, setExternalIds, saveExternalIds, getExternalIds, extraFloatingAllowed, isFloatingNeedUpdate, saveFloatingPurposes
    AP-1484 removeEventListener callback should be called with boolean instead of null
    AP-1520 ship2 request sends page url
    AP-1574 Static class name for modal banner

V28.4.0 - Sortie 10/06/2021

Liste des bugs résolus et des fonctionnalités deployées :
    AP-1418 gdprApplies init param

V28.3.0 - Sortie 27/05/2021

Liste des bugs résolus et des fonctionnalités deployées :
    AP-1395 Grant legitimate interest on fakedeny
    AP-1396 Language param
    AP-1400 Upgrade @iabtcf packages
    AP-1405 AMP banner/modal display bugfix
    AP-1408 Gray SFBX logo

V28.2.0 - Sortie 04/05/2021

Liste des bugs résolus et des fonctionnalités deployées :
    AP-1359 Created date and lastUpdated date in the consent string
    AP-1384 Custom CSS for AMP
    AP-1385 Modal mode for an AMP
    AP-1389 SFBX Copyright
    AP-1392 Colors & images customisation

V28.1.0 - Sortie 21/04/2021

Liste des bugs résolus et des fonctionnalités deployées :
    AP-1359 Created date and lastUpdated date in the consent string
    AP-1374 New privacy widget logo
    AP-1375 Encode language in the consent string
    AP-1378 Remove circular dependencies
    AP-1381 Enable Legitimate Interest on REFUSE_ALL / SKIP
    AP-1382 Skip link added for banner mode
    AP-1383 gdprApplies
List of internal improvements :
    IN-90 New versionning system

V28 - Sortie 23/03/2021

Liste des bugs résolus et des fonctionnalités deployées :
    AP-1352 Disable legitimate interest on DENY ALL


[1.2.14] 2021-06-30

    New Javascript reducer v28.4.
    Deprecated methods: consentableAllowed(:extraId) renamed to extraConsentableAllowed(:extraId).
vendorAllowed(:extraId) renamed to extraVendorAllowed(:extraId).
consentableAllowed(:iabId) renamed to consentableAllowed(:iabId:type)
Note: We need the type now because iabId for consentable is not unique.
    New methods: getAllConsentables(), getAllExtraVendors() (Swift only)
    New methods: allConsentablesAllowed(), allStacksAllowed(), allVendorsAllowed(), userAcceptAll()
All of these methods return an boolean.

[1.2.13] 2021-05-18

    New forceATT parameter on ACUIKit constructor. This parameter bypass the behavior logic to displaying success_screen when users refuse_all or purpose:1 = false.
The new behavior is due to some rejection from App Store reviewers.
    Notes: forceATT: false behavior is the same so far. forceATT: true , success_screen will be always presented.
// Custom
let uiKit = ACUIKit(withAppKey: "appKey", forceApplyGDPR: true, forceATT: true)
// Default
let uiKit = ACUIKit(withAppKey: "appKey", forceApplyGDPR: true)
forceATT is false by default

[1.2.12] 2021-05-04

    Fix : checkForUpdatewhen ATT is supported, not given, but user RefuseAll. Now returns false instead true

[1.2.11] 2021–04–20

    New isGDPRCountry() ->Bool public method in AppConsentUIKit.
    New behavior behind the scene of func presentNotice(force: Bool, viewController:UIViewController) with forceApplyGDPR. Now when forceApplyGDPR is false and use_ios_att from backoffice is true and ATT Authorization is supported and not given on the device, we will display the successScreenpage to collect ATT Authorization only.
public func presentNotice(force: Bool, viewController: UIViewController) {
with: forceApplyGDPR, force: force) { (mode: ACPresentation, configuration: ACConfiguration?) in
switch mode {
case .displayCMPWithIntroduction:
case .displayCMPWithoutIntroduction:
case .displaySuccessScreen:
self.presentSuccessScreen(viewController, configuration)
case .displayNothing:
_print("AppConsent: Display Nothing. ForceApplyGDPR is false and maybe use_ios_att is false, ATT was already presented or not supported.")

[1.2.10] 2021–03–31

New getAllConsentables(by: status) ->[ACConsentable]? and getAllExtraVendors(by: status) ->[ACVendor]? public methods.
Note: These methods are only for Swift

[1.2.9] 2021–03–18

New appTrackingAuthorizationStatus() ->ACATTAuthorizationStatus method.Update for checkForUpdate method. Now, check also if use_ios_att:true from configurationand if ATT is already presented.

[1.2.8] 2021–03–05

Fix hidden navigation bar.

[1.2.7] 2021–03–02

    Layout adjustement on success page. Image size is now 260x260. Title is now on navigation bar. There are more space for header description and footer description also.

[1.2.6] 2021–02–25

    Fix layout on success page.

[1.2.5] 2021–02–24

    Supports for iab 2.1. Cookies are displayed in vendors details.Note: You need to re-save notice on back office for displaying cookies.

[1.2.4] 2021–02–09

    Add new use_ios_att property. Now you can override all logic for displaying ATT from AppConsent. If use_ios_att is true the behavior is the same that specified in documentation.

[1.2.3] 2021–02–04

    Fix missing IABTCF_gdprApplies set in UserDefault.
    New currentIdentifier() ->ACCurrentIdentifier method to get current idenfitier and histype
idfv xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
idfa xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
custom xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
    SwiftProtobuf bump to 1.15.0

[1.2.2] 2021–01–28

    Bug fixes
    Supports for Swift Package ManagerNow you can install AppConsentKit, AppConsentUIKit via SPM.View our documentation to find out more.

[1.2.1] 2021–01–21

    No error popup on banner mode. Modal shoud be dismissed automatically.
    Fix success screen behavior with ATT from banner mode.

[1.2.0] 2021–01–20

    Support for App Tracking Transparency (iOS 14+)
    WARNING You must define NSUserTrackingUsageDescription in your Info.plist otherwise your app will crash.
    New javascript reducer v22
    New openAppSettings method.
    New appTrackingIsAvailable() ->Bool method.
    New appTrackingAuthorizationGiven() ->ACATTAuthorizationGiven method.
    NewappTrackingRequestAuthorization(_ completion: ((ACATTAuthorizationStatus)->Void)?) method.
Note: the process to display ATT Popup is automatically integrated in AppConsentUIKit when user save his consent.
    New saveATTFloatingPurpose(with value: Bool, _ completion:ACResultVoidHandler?) method.
    New floatingPurposeAllowed(extraId: String) ->Bool method.
Note: You need to call checkForUpdate method before call this above method to stay up to date.
    New displayATTIfNeeded(_ completion: ((ACATTAuthorizationStatus)->Void)?)method.
For migrating existing users, you must call this method to display ATT Popup without redisplayingCMP.
Note: ATT Popup will only display if user device supports ATT, user given his consent, purpose 1 is true and ATT not yet displaying.
WARNING After that, you need to call new saveATTFloatingPurpose(with value: Bool, _completion: ACResultVoidHandler?) method to send user choice on our server.
appConsentUIKit.displayATTIfNeeded { status in
switch status {
case .notSupported:
_print("Not supported")
case .failure:
.saveATTFloatingPurpose(with: false, nil)
case .success:
.saveATTFloatingPurpose(with: true, nil)

[1.1.18] 2020-12-15

    Support for xCode 12.3.
    Now our iOS SDK is build and distributed as XCFramework.
    You must change the class initializer (due to an issue when building XCFramework)
    AppConsentKit has been renamed to ACKit.
    AppConsentUIKit has been renamed to ACUIKit.
    You can (must) remove the run script phase in build phase that removing the simulator architecture for archiving and publishing on App Store.
    Fix checkForUpdate when user reset his idfa
    New http call (save-external route) for saveExternalIds in services. Nothing to change.

[1.1.17] 2020-12-09

    New javascript reducer v20
    Upgrade SwiftProtobuf to 1.14.0 version
    Support HTML for Partner Link and Other Partners
    We keep the Markdown support also.

[1.1.16] 2020-11-26

    New javascript reducer v19
    Now you can save externalIds without having to present notice again. The new method is called saveExternalIds (success:, failure:). You can call it with a chaining method after call setExternalIds like this:
appConsentUIKit .setExternalIds(externalIds: ["a": "b"]) .saveExternalIds { state, configuration in print(state ?? "state nil") print(configuration ?? "configuration nil") } failure: { error in print(error.localizedDescription) }
    Supports for Google Additional Consent.The IABTCF_AddtlConsent key is saved on UserDefaultSee for more informations
    WARNING Update for set Consentable method .The Key for Dictionary must be an iabId instead of an id
    New method setExtraConsentable.The Key for Dictionary must be an extraId.
    New method consentableAllowed(extraId).
    New method vendorAllowed(extraId).

[1.1.15] 2020-11-19

    Send externalIds to Save request
    Update setExternalIds method. (Callback is removed)Note: setExternalIds must be call before call presentNotice if you want to send external IDs to server

[1.1.14] 2020-11-12

    Information button in Vendor details
    Information button in Vendor details
    iPad presentation modal improvement (PageSheet)

[1.1.13] 2020-11-10

    Fix translation
    Fix extra-vendors. Now others partners are displayed
    Enable “refine by partner” at launch

[1.1.12] 2020-11-03

    Add back button to close CMP if consent given and CMP presented from settings

[1.1.11] 2020-10-29

    Display error in CMP view instead on alertView and hide footer
    New method setExtternalId
    Remove externalId from SDK initialization

[1.1.10] 2020-10-27

    Objective-C compatibility for setExternalData

[1.1.9] 2020-10-22

    Fix purpose count bug

[1.1.8] 2020-10-21

    New button layout component in introduction with “I understand” supports
    Fix translation

[1.1.7] 2020-10-20

    UI Fixes
    added missing translations

[1.1.6] 2020-10-15


[1.1.5] 2020-10-13

    Fix colors

[1.1.4] 2020-10-12

    Objective-C compatibility

[1.1.3] 2020-10-08

    Hot fix for button color

[1.1.2] 2020-10-08


[1.1.1] 2020-10-06


    Hide show more on introduction when show more text is empty
    Now you can go back when users click on partners in introduction


    Reducer v16 (javascript)

[1.1.0] 2020-09-30




    New method consentableAllowed(:objectId) to check extra purpose is allowed for example
    Consent Given callback is now called on introduction if user click to Accept All

[1.0.9] 2020-09-29




    Supports for extra-purpose

[1.0.8] 2020-09-23


    bitcode bug for archive validation

[1.0.7] 2020-09-17


    Fix switch UI bug iOS 14 (IPAD)


    remove navigation bar for intro page
    remove ACState logs

[1.0.6] 2020-09-15

    Fix onboardingImage (Aspect Fit, height: 80px, width: frame.view.width)
    Remove copyright on first page
    Fix markdown link on more description label (first page)

[1.0.5] 2020-09-14

    Fix Colors
    Fix redirect links in markdown
    Fix remote image for Onboarding - onboardingImage
    Add mixe stacks
    Add footer copyright
    Add remote image in home page - icon
    Add colors to success page
    Add separator color

[1.0.4] 2020-09-09


    Remote Config for colors
    Disable success screen config
    Purposes behind a stack
    Default text in markdown in the BO
    11.2 release
    11.6+ release


    UI fixes

[1.0.2] 2020-09-07


    bitcode compilation compatibility
    11.2 release
    11.6+ release


    view is present modal, not on fullscreen
    “Accept All ” button doesn't work
    getExternalData() method is declared a void function which doesn’t return any value
    “Voir les finalités obligatoires (2)” button doesn’t work
    getConsentableConsents() callback doesn’t call any call back either success nor error, and after that method to check this consentable return false
    [SFBX library] When the consent is opened: there are UI issues in logs. And some of the buttons, links don’t work
    [SFBX library] Each time consentGiven method returns false
    [iOS][SFBX] Library delegate “AppConsentDelegate” doesn’t call lifecycle methods



1.1.7 (05/08/2021)

    implement AppConsent interface
    add consentable , stack , vendors all allowed methods
    autostart smartTraffik for xchange

1.1.6 (22/07/2021)

    update core to 1.2.12
    add action at layer 1 Continue without accepting

1.1.5 (14/06/2021)

    update core to v1.2.11
    fix consentableAllowed method to take care of not unique iab id depending on type
    add getAllConsentables method with optionnal filter by status
    add getAdvertisingId() method and isLimitedTrackingEnabled()

1.1.3 (09/02/2021)

    add vendor cookie expiration for TCF v2.1

1.1.2 (03/02/2021)

    xchange update Smart Traffik SDK
    xchange remove unused data (age, csp, dateOfBirth, household, revenues, firstName, lastName)
    xchange add deviceSimCode and deviceCarrierCode
    xchange remove Netperform and Pickwell

1.1.1 (19/01/2021)

    add migration for switched sdk id and sdk version

1.1.0 (09/12/2020)

    fix bug when crete AppConsentUI with applicationContext and call presentGeolocationActivity
    xchange add Smart-Traffik SDK
    add RequestLocationListener: now app have to manage presentation of geolocation authorization
    buttons AcceptAll and RefuseAll on Introduction are on same line
    xchange migrate Telescope to Pickwell
    fix switched sdk id and sdk version


    refactor AppConsentUI
    update modifer of classes to internal which are unused by user
    add setExtraConsentableConsents(), extraVendorAllowed() and extraConsentableAllowed()


    fix issue when downgrading GVL version to notice


    fix bug on geolocation view (button Save not display when one purpose geoloc)


    translate more texts from BO


    fix crash on DI provideAppConsentTheme(), exit process if mAppConsentTheme not initialized
    on tablet, notice is displayed in fullscreen by default
    fix bug AP-1206
    get default language text from BO


    button "Refine by partner" under button "Save" (AP-1187)
    add externalIds: Map method in AppConsentUI
    catch crash and if app restart kill process


    fix bug NoticeListener call after completion, now it's called only after success of saveConsents()
    remove NoticeListener to setConsentableConsents()


    first Xchange version


    update reducer for Android 4.4 compatibility
    fix bugs


    fix bug on notice view, bad number of consentable
    fix bug disable success screen


    refactor with new reducer
    translate progress loading
    geolocation view in fullscreen


    fix switch status on scroll
    fix switch status in Stack detail view


    fix bug on Theme
    fix switch alignment


    fix bugs


    fix bug on CTA


    rename resource string folders
    map disable success screen to remote theme
    map CTA order to remote theme
    implement AppConsentCore 1.0.3


    detail view of a Stack
    add legal description to consentable detail
    external links open in browser

1.0.1 (07/2020)

    load colors and images from remote config
    create custom Theme


    first release


    rename function setConsentablesAuthorization to setConsentableConsents


    add method to remove notice and geolocation listeners
    implementation SDK Core 1.0.0-beta03


    implementation SDK Core 1.0.0-beta02


    fix translations errors
    fix design errors


    rename MergeAdapter to ConcatAdapter
    add configurable texts from BO
    add onReady() when Core is init
    add setExternalData() & getExternalData()
    bug fix


    fix errors to match AppConsent-Core `1.0.0-alpha02

AppConsent TV

1.1.9 (26/07/2021)

    implement AppConsent interface
    add save floating purposes
    add consentable , stack , vendors all allowed methods

1.1.8 (28/04/2021)

    fix focus issue on NoticeTvFragment

1.1.7 (20/04/2021)

    fix focus issue on notice save click
    implement appconsent-core 1.2.9

1.1.6 (08/04/2021)

    fix focus issue on notice save click

1.1.5 (05/03/2021)

    fix focus on first mandatory consentable button

1.1.4 (05/03/2021)

    fix google_atp_id serial name for reducer
    core v1.2.6

1.1.3 (04/03/2021)

    fix consent string encode with restrictions
    core v1.2.5

1.1.2 (02/03/2021)

    core 1.2.4
    add google atp id feature

1.1.1 (01/03/2021)

    fix ui constraints for consent descriptions item

1.1.0 (26/02/2021)

    migrate kotlin-android-extensions to view binding
    add cookie expiration in vendor detail view for TCF 2.1
    delete description already displayed above from ConsentableDetail header
    add legal dialog in ConsentableDetail
    fix leg vendor radio display
    encode ConsentString with flexible purposes

1.1.0-beta03 (22/12/2020)

    fix bugs and improve SDK

1.1.0-beta01 (11/12/2020)

    add saveExternalIds()
    fix bugs and improve SDK

1.0.0-RC07 (25/11/2020)

    update modifier of classes to internal which are unused by user
    add setExtraConsentableConsents(), extraVendorAllowed() and extraConsentableAllowed()

1.0.0-RC06 (20/11/2020)

    add a new AppConsentLogListener to log details about client navigation
    do not display partner view if no internet

1.0.0-RC05 (19/11/2020)

    fix issue when downgrading GVL version to notice

1.0.0-RC04 (17/11/2020)

    IABTCF_gdprApplies depends on forceApplyGDPR and phone's locale

1.0.0-RC03 (13/11/2020)

    fix focus on mandatory fragment

1.0.0-RC02 (29/10/2020)

    catch crash and if app restart kill process

1.0.0-RC (02/10/2020)

    update libraries
    fix save consent with empty cache

1.0.0-beta05 (22/09/2020)

    add back buttons on many views
    add intermediate view on back pressed on notice EDIT mode
    hide second view on notice if empty
    fix focus issue on accept all and refuse all
    fix logo display on vendor list
    improve tab layout navigation

1.0.0-beta04 (07/09/2020)

    transform radio button Accept/Refuse All to button
    fix bug on object action
    improve remote theme customization

1.0.0-beta03 (08/2020)

    fix radio focus bug with first element
    add background while radio is focus
    add local traductions for 8 languages

1.0.0-beta02 (07/2020)

    fix bug when implement SDK UI and TV in same project

1.0.0-beta01 (07/2020)

    first beta
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