Edit a notice
You can edit your notice by clicking on the three dots and select "EDIT"
You will end just here :
4 buttons on the left :
  • Archive: If you don't need your notice anymore you can "archive" it. By doing so it will not be on your Notice list anymore.
  • Rollback [Premium Plan / mobile notice only]: Go back on a previous notice version.
  • Get Vendorlist: Allowed you to download the vendorlist of a Notice. For information: A vendorlist is composed of: the GVL, the list of vendors ids removed, the list of short-id-name of extra vendors linked to the source
  • Save: Saving all your modifications.
From the "Advanced setting" section, you can :
  • Define the retention of your consent notice display for your audience. By default, for any modifications, the updated notice will only be displayed for the new visitors. You can decide to display your consent notice to all visitors for any modifications.
  • Set the consent retention period, according to the choices made by your audience on the consent notice. Define a period that best suits your strategy. Those durations represent the time lapse before the consent notice will be displayed again and consent will be sought once more.
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