Remove vendors from the Global Vendors List

The Global vendor list provided by the IAB provide hundred of vendors that are disclosed to your users.

As a best practice, we recommend to reduce this list to a shorter list that suits your business requirements.

1 - Accessing the GVL

Simply download the last GVL here : to get the last vendorlist issued.

2 - Identify the vendors you don't need.

In the JSON file, you have an unique id for each vendors.

For each vendors you want to remove, write down this id [ for this example : 1 ]

3 - Apply your list to the CMP

Let's say that you want to remove vendors : 1,4,7,11,89

3.1 - Go to your CMP AppConsent and edit your source and past your list in the field "IAB vendors to exclude"

3.2 - Save your source.

The list must use coma separated - If you get a red error, check if you used the right separator.

Click on the save button.

4 - Update the notice.

In order to propagate this restriction, the notices tied to the source must be updated.

So just Edit your notice and save it.

That' it - Now those vendors are not disclosed anymore in your CMP.