Removing vendors from the GVL

How to remove vendors from your vendor list.

The Global vendor list provided by the IAB provide hundred of vendors that are disclosed to your users.

As a best practice, we recommend to reduce this list to a shorter list that suits your business requirements.

1 - Accessing the GVL

Simply download the last GVL here : to get the last vendorlist issued.

2 - identify the vendors you don't need.

In the JSON file, you have an unique id for each vendors.

For each vendors you want to remove, write down this id [ for this example : 1 ]

3 - Apply your list to the CMP

Let's say that you want to remove vendors : 1,4,7,11,89

3.1 - Go to your CMP Backoffice and edit your source and past your list in the field "IAB vendors to exclude"

3.2 - Save your source.

The list must use coma separated - If you get a red error, check if you used the right separator.

Click on the save button.

4 - Update the notice.

In order to propagate this restriction, the notices tied to the source must be updated.

So just Edit your notice and save it.

That' it - Now those vendors are not disclosed anymore in your CMP.