Removing Legitimate interest from your CMP

You can remove the right to object and all vendors registered under the legtimate interest in one click in the backoffice.

Legitimate interest is one of the actionnable legal base that vendors may want to leverage in order to process your data and the data of your visitors.

In short terms :

With consent : Without a YES it's NO

With Legitimate interest : Without a NO it's YES.

This legal base is clearly disputed from marketing purposes and moreover, it' not possible to use this legal base in order to access or drop cookies in almost EU countries.

1 - Go to your source

Edit your source and look for the switch Remove legitables purposes.

2 - Switch on "Remove legitables purposes"

3 - Save the source

4 - Go to your(s) notice(s)

In order to propagate removing of Legitimate interest, you must update your notice.

Just edit your notice and save it. Repeat for all notice under the same source.

Now, you don't get any right to object button in the CMP.

Note about Flexible legal bases.

In the IAB TCF V2, vendors can declare Flexible purposes. That means that they can operate data on both legal base signal.

When you apply a Legitimate removing, here is the underlying things that happen:

Case 1 - Vendor under full consent - No change

Case 2 - Vendor with some purposes in Legitimate interest

This vendor will loose the right to operate under legitimate interest for selected purposes.

Case 3 : Vendor with some purposes in Legitimate interest and Flexibles Purposes.

This vendor will see his flexibles purposes applied in consent and not legitimate interest.