Premium Plan (additional features)

Benefits of the Premium plan

If you choose Premium account, you can have :

  • Volume Up to 1MMAU/VU100€/M supp Limit of 10M Beyond that, custom-made estimate

  • Unlimited number of sources

  • 10 languages

  • A/B Testing unlimited

You can have access to those special features :

  • Cohortes

  • Linked Account : Link two accounts, and export notice from an account to another

  • Floating purposes : A floating purpose is a purpose for which only the storage of the consent is concerned

  • External ID's : UUID key

  • Rollback : Go back on a notice

  • Experiments : Run A/B tests experiment in order to compare consent rates between various notices

  • Prompt support with email, dedicated channel Slack and telephone

If you are interesting, please contact support by mail : [email protected].