Managing extra purposes and geolocation purposes

What is a prupose?

Using AppConsent CMP, you get the five IAB finalities (=purposes) out of the box:

  • Data storage and access

  • Personalization

  • Advertising selection, distribution and reporting

  • Content selection, distribution and reporting

  • Measure

If you are using the IAB Global Vendor list, you do not need to specify purposes. This 5 purposes are mandatory, you can’t delete them.

You can also create extra-purposes to surface all your privacy use-cases, for example geolocation purposes.

Create an extra purpose

In the PURPOSES section, click on ADD PURPOSE

Fill a name and a description (You need to fill the form for each language).

Fill the name and description carefully as this is the words that will be exposed to your users in order to get consent for this purpose.

Click on Save and Add if you want to save and create another purpose. Otherwise, click on Save.

As identifier, a "Slug" is created using the purpose name and the default language. It's unique across your account. It will be useful to operate "Source" settings. See this section for more information.

You can EDIT your purpose at any time. Just go back to PURPOSES menu and click on the desiderated line. The popup will appear and you can update the informations. Then, go in the "Notice" section, edit the notice form and save it again, to make sur the update is ok.

Once your purposes are created, you need to link them to the notice.

Linking Extra purposes to your notice

Once your extra purpose is created, you need to link it to the source, and then update the notice:

Open the source form and select the purpose in the Purposes field:

The list of all your purposes will appear, tick the matching purpose(s) you want to use for this source.

You get the field filed with your purposes:

Click on SAVE, then update your notice (just open the Notice form and click on Save).

Now your purpose(s) are linked to the source. Every new notice including this source will onboard those extra purposes.

You can edit and change the purposes linked to a source whenever you need, but in this case you must regenerate the notice concerned by this source: just edit the notice you want and save it (you don't need to alter anything). A new version of the CMP will be pushed to production.

Geolocation purposes:

A geolocation purpose is created like any other purpose, but need to be linked to the source in a specific way:

In the Source form, select the Geolocation purpose in the field “Purpose”, then select it in the field "Mobile Geoloc Advertising Banner" or "Mobil Geoloc Market Banner".

In the example below, we have selected the 2 purposes in the field "Purposes": "Geolocation-for-advertinsing-purposes" and "Geolocation-for-marketing-purposes". Then we have linked one of them in the field "Mobile Geoloc Advertinsing Banner" and the other one in the field "Mobile Geoloc Market Banner". "TestChandago" is an other extra-purpose, but not a geolocation purpose.

For existing notices live in production, if you add or change the purposes linked to a source, you must regenerate the notice concerned by this source: just edit the notice you want and save it (you don't need to alter anything). A new version of the CMP will be pushed to production.

Linking Extra-purpose to Extra-Vendors

All IAB purposes are automatically linked to IAB vendors, according to GVL version and the purposes reported to the TCF by the vendors. You don't need to categorize them.

If you have some extra-purposes, you can link them to vendors.

For a web notice: You can fill the field "Description" with Html, in the extra-purpose form. The extra-vendors will be displayed in list, but the consent button will not be displayed for each of them

For a mobile App (iOS or Android)

You can link extra purpose to extra vendors, they will be displayed like the example below. Read this page for more information.