Create a source

What is a source?

Before creating a Notice, you'll need to register where your notice is going to be deployed. We call it a Source. It can be a website or a mobile app.

You need to create a source for each website or mobile app on which you want to apply your notice.

If you have a website AND a mobile App, you need to create a source and a notice for your website, and an other one for your App.

Create a source for your website or your Mobile App

Go to the Sources item on the left menu.


  • Type: Website or Mobile App

  • Target URL: if you have chosen the “Website” type, enter the URL of your website. Can be either HTTP or HTTPS. If you have a mobile App, read the following point.

  • IAB Framework : Choose V2

  • Bundle ID: if you have chosen the “Mobile App” type, enter the bundle ID.

  • Stacks : Pick-up your stacks or leave blank to expose the 10 purposes to the user.

Confirm by clicking on Save.

Your source now appears in the board:

You can EDIT your source at any time. Just go back to SOURCES menu and click on the desiderated line. The popup will appear and you can update your source information.

  • ID: The unique ID of the source.

  • Creation: Time elapsed since the creation of the notice.

  • Last Update: Time elapsed since the last update of the notice.

  • Status: For now, 3 status are declared and it depends of the result of our crawling system. When a source is created, our Privacy Crawler generate an archive of the website that is stored in our Plateform. This is useful to secure build better proof of the consent LifeCycle. In a next feature Privacy Guard, we will also use this crawler in order to scan your properties for any GDPR or ePrivacy breaches.

    Here are the 3 status:

    ✔ Active: The source has been successfully crawled.

    ✖ Canceled: An error occurred (We get an HTTP code 4XX or 5XX during the crawl).

    🕔 Pending: The source has not been crawled yet (refresh the page to get the active (or canceled) statut).

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