Using AppConsent CMP, you need to at least create one source. A source can be a website or and application. It's the parent of the Notices. Every single notice is tied to one source.


The unique ID of the source.


A preview of the 1st Logo uploaded while creating or updating the Source.


Time elapsed since the creation of the notice.

Last Update

Time elapsed since the last update of the notice.


For now, two status are declared and it depends of the result of our crawling system. When a source is created, our Privacy Crawler generate an archive of the website that is stored in our Plateform. This is usefull to secure build better proof of the consent LifeCycle. In a next feature Privacy Guard, we will also use this crawler in order to scan your properties for any GDPR or ePrivacy breaches.

Active : The source has been succesfully crawled.

Canceled : An error occured ( We get an HTTP code 4XX or 5XX during the crawl )