Consent Guard

What is Consent Guard ?

Consent Guard allows you to scan your website to get a report that lists all the vendors who are putting cookies on your website before the AppConsent CMP is exposed to the user.

Generate a report

To create a new report you need to have a valid source configurated in AppConsent and a notice live on your website.

Click on the label "Consent Guard" in the left menu.

Then, click on "Generate new report".

In the popin you can configure your report :

  • Select a source: select the source of the website you want to scan. A source can be used only once for a report configuration. But you can have several reports per source.

  • Frequency: select the frequency you want. The report can be generate once, or automatically every 24h

  • Send report by email: check this option if you want to receive the report by email. It will be sent to your SFBX account email

Once you click on "Save", the report is generated. It may take around 20 seconds. When your report is generated, its date appears in the column "Last report date". If not, refresh the page in the your browser.

Consult a report

To consult the report, click on the line of your report configuration in the table:

All reports history of this source will be listed in this table.

Click on the line of a report to see the details:

You can see the list of all the vendors who are putting cookies on your website, and the kind of cookies.

Title: "Consent Guard report" is followed by a number (in our exemple above: "5"). This number is a unique ID generated in the SFBX database. So it's normal if all your reports don't have consecutive numbers.

You can export this information in a .csv file, by clicking on "export" on the top right.

Edit the report configuration

Once your report generation is configurated, you can edit it and change the parameters if needed. To do so, click on the 3 blue dots:

Then click on "Configure": you can change the configuration in the form and save it.

Stop a report

If your report is generated every 24h, you can stop it. To do so, click on the 3 blue dots, then click on "Stop".

The report status change in "inactive":

If you want to start again your report, click on "Run":

The report generation will start again, with the same configuration.

Get a report immediately

While you report is generated every 24h, you can also ask for a "one shot" report, if you need to get an immediate report. To do so, click on "Generate now". You will get a report after few seconds, but your configuration will not change: you will get a new report every 24h as before.

Delete your reports

You can delete your reports one by one, clicking on "Delete".

Or you can also delete your configuration by clicking on "Delete":