AppConsent Quick Start

Everything you need to deploy AppConsent, our IAB compatible Consent Management Provider ( CMP ). Through this Quick Start, you will learn how to create your first Notice.

What do you need to get your notice live on your website or your application?

  1. You need to create a source in the "Source" section. A source can be either a web source or an application. Read this page

  2. Once your source is created, you can create a notice, in the "Notice" section. - For a web notice, read this page - For a iOS or Android mobile App, read this page

  3. If you need specific purposes (for example for geolocation or for vendors that are not IAB vendors), you will have to create this extra purposes in the "Purposes" section. Read this page for more information

  4. Once your purposes are created, you need to link them to the source, and then update your notice with your extra vendors list

  5. When all is ready, you just have to implement the "resource url" and/or "html script tag" in your website or your application. Read the "Implementation" section for more information.

You will find all the information you need for this steps in this documentation.

You can also implement your notice, using Google Tag Manager or Tag Commander. Read the Google GTM section and Tag Commander section for more information.