Read the results of an experiment

While an experiment is running you can consult the statistics for each variation, to compare the consent rate for each of them.

In the dashboard, click on the filter button named "Notices" and select the variation you want. In the list, you will find two kinds of notices: - "Version ID: XXXXXX / update at XXXX": This is a notice - "Experiment ID: XXXXXXX / Notice N°XX / Update at: XXXXX": This is a variation used in an experiment. In the example above, we can see the two variations created in our previous exemple:

To find a variation in the list, you need to know the experiment ID and the notice variation number. You can find them in the details of your experiment (in the "Experiment" section). The field "Notes" can also help you to find a variation, in the case you filled this field before starting the experiment.