This documentation will help you to setup, customize and implement our CMP on Websites/WebMobile and PWAs, Native in-App iOS and Android.

AppConsent is powered by SFBX®

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What is AppConsent CMP ?

AppConsent is a CMP, a Consent Management Platform, built by SFBX ®.

GDPR aims to protect personal data by requiring any website or application to request the consent of users to collect and use their data. A CMP is a dedicated tool that allow websites, inApp applications to collect consent and disclose vendors informations as required by regulators.

Basically, if you or any third party vendor collect data for marketing purposes or other purposes at the id level ( cookies, IDFA,ADID,Hashmail ..), you need a CMP.

At SFBX, we believe that a reasoned approach to data use has become necessary in order to protect both the privacy of Internet users and the way the Internet works. Thus, we use a proprietary UX approach in order to be able to offer our clients consent collection methods and tools in a balanced way. This allows us to achieve very high rates of consent, even within the constrained frameworks imposed by regulators. In order to be able to provide proof of consent, we use a proprietary private, highly scalable and ultra secure blockchain platform.

Figures [Updated 2020-02-29]

AppConsent Premium and Xchange are used by 380 domains and more that 18700 websites and applications. Every month, more than 350M of users give their consent with ours Web or in-App SDKs.

IAB Compliance

We are a valid registered CMP at the TCF ( ID_CMP = 2 ). We currently support the last stable version of the TCF v1.1and TCFV2. We also issued an AMP version that is now available. You can have a check here.

As IAB Member, we are also member and contributor of the french IAB Privacy Task Force.

AppConsent Premium or Xchange ?

We offers two versions of our CMP.

AppConsent Premium : Monthly Fees - Dedicated support - SLA 99.99% - Starting at 250 Eur/month - See features and pricing https://appconsent.io/en/features

AppConsent Xchange : Free of charge - Slack and email support - Register now here

You can register as an Xchange User in order to test our product even if you plan to apply for a Premium account.


Support is offered in French and English.

As a Premium client, you can use the dedicated Slack Channel or drop an email to [email protected]. All the company is ready to help you to put in place the best solution for your properties.

As an Xchange client, if you have any question regarding this documentation, just drop an email to [email protected], we will happy to answer to any questions.


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